GEMS R5 CAD-CAM Software Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle

It is the first version of IGEMS software.

GEMS Fast and Accurate

Getting the cut angle just right while maximizing feed speed is not as easy as it sounds. Not really.

Jets of water are living things that bend and grow and change their behavior when you give them various parameters to work with. Our strength is translating the relationships between the jet and its various parameters and turning them into robust and user-friendly functions. This is how you can make beautiful parts without breaking a sweat.

More portions, less time

That speaks for itself, but removing more of the piece from the sheet while cutting it faster will make you more profitable.

We keep this in mind when developing functions. Like our car socket, which has become the most efficient socket on the market. Or simple cuts, where the parts can be held closer together and combined cuts can be made between them instead of cutting the sections separately.

Unmatched 3D production

When your competition sells your product, you know you’ve done something extraordinary.

In this section of GEMS CAD / CAM you can program directly on a 3D model, visualizing each tool path, si
Make a special pipe.

The tubes can be mounted on a C axis motor or in a fixture. It can be specified in any shape you want and includes special holes, cutouts and holes as the logo. It opens in a 3D viewer so you can easily see what’s going on as you design. Mulch with damage control and implement your spare parts. It’s just a 3D environment with an automatic CAM function and can be adjusted to as many axes as you need.

Keep everything in one place.

The Orgainzer module is a simple but effective SQL database for storing sections and other documents associated with those sections. Geometry imported into IGEMS can be registered in the organizer after material, thickness, quantity and other parameters have been applied to the part. Filtering for specific information can be done by setting up filters for quick and easy access to spare parts.