Corpus 3D Test with Wibu-Box Dongle Clone

Corpus is software created by furniture manufacturers for furniture manufacturers. More than 5,000 companies help develop this program every day.
Although Corpus is NOT an interior design software, its responsive 3D design helps manufacturers plan and serve by reducing execution times from days to minutes. At the same time, Corpus maintains all production information, cost and sales calculations as well as parts lists, production and installation documentation.


  • Real time 3D design.
  • 2D design.
  • Free and automatic placement of furniture on the stage.
  • Ad-free presentation.
  • Quick view and continuous display.
  • Create any 3D object.
  • Smart parametric furniture editor.
  • Multiple levels of structured editing: Structured 3D design makes it easy to create complex 3D elements.
  • Special ingredient catalog.
  • Users can make any type or model of furniture.

Corpus 3D Wibu-Box Version

Factory version: This is the full version, contains all the tools and is recommended for both small and large manufacturers. This version includes code generation to be sent to a CNC machining and cutting center, export tools, and a system for making / setting machines. Workshop version: Contains all tools except for CNC code generation, export tools, and processing / assignment systems.

CORPUS Version 5

Store version: the point of sale version, regardless of whether the store is an independent shop selling specialty furniture or an outlet owned by the manufacturer. This version works with catalogs created with one of the best versions. Furniture can be edited and customized according to customer requirements and saved in current projects.

Price, size, etc. Will be updated according to the specifications previously set in the item. The finished project can be sent to a production center and opened with one of the higher versions to make adjustments if necessary, or sent straight to production.


Corpus 3D Wibu-Box Calculation

  • Automatic cost calculation based on design
  • Calculation of the materials used
  • Edge calculation used
  • Calculation of used accessories
  • The form of calculation differs depending on the furniture and is determined by the user
  • Budgets for automatic and variable customers