Chronelec Elite V3 Test with Dinkey Dongle / Clone Emulator

The Elite v3 software system has been developed for competitions. straightforward to use, it’ll enable you to edit all the results of your race.
You will be able to print the beginning grids or extra heats, add penalties, show the results on TV …

Chronelec Elite V3

Thanks to this software system, you’ll be able to manage races and championships merely. no matter your sporting rules are, you’ll be able to use Elite v3 as a result of its various parameters.
We can adapt the software system to your sporting rules.

Do not hesitate to transfer our Elite v3 software system (free for manual timekeeping) !

The level is employed by the decoder to be additional selective on the loop and immunize a bit more noise. All transponders with a received level under the programmed level won’t be detected. Likewise for noise.
For example, with a zero level (high sensitivity), you’ll be able to begin to discover transponders from two m (6.5 ft) before the loop. By raising the amount, the detection field are reduced further because the noise.

The noise is caused by magnetic force sources (power offer, defective grounding, transmission line close etc …). The higher the noise, the tougher it’ll be to discover transponders.

Remove the electrical cables close to the loop. Do not finally end up the line.

If you utilize a network affiliation, confirm that the firewall is organized to permit Elite v3 software system. By default, the decoder uses the 2008 port. If you utilize a USB/Serial affiliation, ensure the motive force is recognized by the pc. Open the device manager tool and check if you have got a yellow triangle. If the decoder displays Associate in Nursing “ACK” message, it implies that the laptop doesn’t acknowledge the decoder frames. ensure you’re employing a “master” electronic device.

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