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FujiFilm Trueflow 3 Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle Clone and Duplicate,

About The TrueFlow

Trueflow software a fully JDF-compliant PDF workflow system is the core of Trueflownet, Screen’s latest innovative JDF-based business solution.

Featuring the latest JDF and PDF technology, Trueflow 3 is designed to drive both computer-to-plate (CTP) production and digital printing presses efficiently. In addition, Trueflow 3 manages JDF-based operat-ing environments for seamless communication between Management Information System (MIS), Prepress, Press, and Postpress operations.

Trueflow 3 makes it easy for you to create a fully JDF-enabled end-to-end print production management workflow.
provides flexible and highly automated CTP and digital printing press production, using JDF-based Job tickets. It integrates everything from incoming job handling to prepress, proofing, and the output for CTP. It also makes it possible for you to build an advanced process automation workflow that encompasses the entire print
production workflow, from MIS to press and post-press processing.

An optimized CTP workflow

solution In addition to meeting all the requirements of your CTP workflow, the new and more powerful Trueflow 3 enables seamless process automation and custom workflows in a JDF-enabled operation environment. Its prepress workflow offers even more intelligent automation, with better flexibility and efficient workflow operation path management. Trueflow 3 supports the latest file formats and has a new color management system using advanced artificial intelligence, enhancing the conversion of RGB images for CMYK workflows. A new drag and drop graphical user interface (GUI) makes Trueflow 3 easy to learn and simple to use.

FujiFilm Trueflow 3 Fully JDF-compliant PDF workflow system

Not only does Trueflow 3 allow communications between JDF-enabled devices and systems with its JDF-based job tickets, but it also offers preflight checking and trapping, within Screen’s acclaimed late-binding workflow.
Trueflow 3 also assures reliable file handling through the use of Outline PDF and PDF/X files, which are becoming the standard for multi-site and networked operations.

  • CMYK
  • RGB
  • LabProof (Color proofing system)
  • Plate Print
  • Plate Recorder
  • FlatWorker
  • DTP Press Postpress
  • CIP3/4 PPF
  • CIP3/4 PPF
  • MIS
  • PDF
  • PDF/PS