Emmegisoft FPCAM Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Emmegisoft FPCAM Machining design.

Office program for the design of the processes to be performed on the machining center. FP CAM is the generic version, while CAMPLUS is the customized version for Emmegi machining centers. FP CAM simplifies the application of machining by displaying the profile and the tool in 3D and making the most recurring figures (holes, slots, rectangles, etc.) immediately available in parametric form.

With the additional SHAPE program, it is possible to freely define figures of any shape. FP CAM also allows you to import, through the DRIVER-CAD option, pieces designed with commercial 3D CAD programs (Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, etc ..). The designed processes are compatible with the FP PRO EASY MAC system, so they are associated with the respective accessories in order to obtain, during the order calculation phase, the worklist ready for execution on the machine.


  • Profile archive, in DXF, shared with FP PRO.
  • Configurable for 3, 4, and 5 axis machining centers, even with postponed heads.
  • Management of cutters, drills, blades, countersinks, tappers, feelers.
  • Real graphic display of the piece and tool.
  • 3D machining programming.
  • Immediate availability of “standard” parametric figures: hole, slot, pocket, deadhead, relief, notching, cuts, arch, etc.
  • Graphic definition of the position of the machining by selecting the points directly on the profile: ends, center lines, chambers, fins, etc.
  • Tabular definition of multiple depths.
  • Simulation of the execution of machining with control of any collisions.
  • Graphic prints of the piece with the workings.

Shape add-on module

Graphic definition of figures of any shape, freely composing lines, arcs, and holes. Import of figures in DXF format. Faster execution of processes that otherwise would have to be obtained by composing the “standard” figures.

Driver-Cad add-on module

Import from CAD-3D programs via STEP, SAT formats. Automatic recognition of the main processes; snap tools for guided recognition of the remaining machinings.