Exercise Manager Eutron Smartkey Dongle Clone

Exercise Manager Eutron Smartkey Dongle Clone / Emulator


About Visual machine
Visual machine may be a machine of navigation. It contains interconnected simulation modules (separate executables) that exchange knowledge between one another and exercise manager – main program that controls preparation and running exercises. Exercises area unit geographic areas with ships (active and inactive). Areas for associate degree exercise may also be equipped with navigation signs. Active ships area unit ready to carry equipment i.e. simulators allotted for them.
Exercise manager program
An exercise is
a piece of land (geographic area) +
weather +
objects (ships, buoys etc.)
The exercise manager is that the main suggests that to arrange and management exercises. this is often a sort of main part of the full machine to be utilized by the teacher.
Creating new exercise
To create a replacement exercise, choose “File/New exercise”. the choice dialog shows an inventory of presently obtainable areas (terrains). Select one.
Navigation signs and radiolocation transponders
At the instant, these objects embody
Beacons, is also racons
Lights, is also lighthouses
Radar transponders (SART)
Every kind of navigation sign or radiolocation electrical device features a set properties to outline its form, dimensions, color pattern, top mark, light, and even list amplitudes and periods for floating objects.