Edwards EST 3 SDU Hasp HL Dongle Clone

Edwards EST 3 SDU Hasp HL Dongle Clone / Emulator

At the core of the Edwards hearth answer is that the EST3 platform, aglobally-proven

product deployed in a number of the world’s mostimportant and position facilities. currently you’ll like theconfidence of a world-leading platform that meets Australia’s andNew Zealand’s distinctive legislative standards.The EST3 is climbable to any size facility. will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} be assured thatthe system can handle your future growth. The EST3 hearth systemnetwork supports up to sixty four panels, with every panel supporting upto a pair of,500 available points. It delivers a quick alarm response timeacross all network sizes, Associate in Nursingd up to an overall length of ninety kilometre.Even bigger distances may be achieved over fibre optic networkusing our own multi-mode or single mode fibre optic interfacemodules.EST3 includes a variety of audio and visual warning choices availableto complement its hearth detection capability. for straightforward applications24VDC Genesis signalling devices will give basic price effectivewarning with synchronous  T3 tones.  For systems requiring PAand single zone evacuation, Edwards hearth Solutions offers a singlezone OWS (Occupant Warning System) which will be fitted withinthe 19” rackmount EST3 cupboards.  For applications requiring amulti-zone warning and hearth telephone system, EST3’s own integratedaudio answer via enter audio and hearth phone modules permits forup to eight channels of digital audio anyplace on the EST3network victimization simply one try of wires.  For sites requiring anEmergency Warning and communication system, theEdwards hearth Solutions’ EWIS is absolutely compliant to AS2220Australian standards and might even be fitted within the same 19”cabinet as Associate in Nursing EST3 panel.The EST3 hearth Panel options high level integration with the EWISfor synchronous  zone alarm and evacuation sequencing.  Theintegration permits each systems to speak seamlesslyeliminating expensive and cumbersome wiring of output modules toindividual zone triggers providing a additional price effective and robustintegrated answer.EST3 is constructed from the bottom up to minimise labour and wiringcosts in new and retrofit installations, whereas creating systemmaintenance and even upgrades a breeze. additionally tosupporting our world-renowned Signature series detectors, theEST3 platform can before long be capable of backwards compatibilitywith Ziton gift detectors and devices wide employed in theAustralian and New Zealand market. (Expected late 2009