DATEM Summit Evolution Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

DATEM Summit Evolution

Summit Evolution provides a set of powerful tools for discovering and capturing 3D information from stereo data. The software includes CAD and GIS interfaces, 3D stereo vector superimposition, automated feature editing, contour generation, and many more tools.

Through the Capture™ interface for enabled Summit products, image features from a Summit Evolution project are digitized directly into AutoCAD, MicroStation, ArcGIS, or Global Mapper. With DAT/EM SuperImposition™, those image features are overlaid on the Summit Evolution project for immediate feature verification.

Summit Evolution is available in five product levels. Professional includes orientation measurement, orthorectification, terrain visualization, contour generation, point translation, and DTM collection. Feature Collection is for those whose project setup, orientation, and ortho-processing needs are met elsewhere.

Lite is a visualization tool designed for resource specialists, GIS technicians, and QA professionals. Mobile is a variety of Summit Evolution Lite optimized for the field, but also available for desktop. Summit UAS adds the power of LandScape to Summit Evolution Lite in order to analyze UAS data, including point clouds, in 3D stereo and collect georeferenced 3D vectors.


  • Supports monochromatic, panchromatic, three- and multi-channel multispectral imagery.
  • Supports scanned aerial film, matrix, and push-broom digital airborne cameras, small- and medium-format metric cameras, close-range imagers, orthophotos, RPC satellites, LiDAR, UAS imagery and synthetic aperture radar.
  • Imports third-party softcopy and pre-processed UAS projects, aero triangulation results, and other orientation files for quick setup.
  • Full range of manual and automatic image orientation capabilities.
  • Digitizes 3D vectors directly into AutoCAD, MicroStation, ArcGIS, or Global Mapper using DAT/EM’s Capture interface.
  • Robust and easy-to-use interface for maximum productivity.
  • Bird’s-eye, close-up, project overview, 3D vector split window, and multiple viewports offer a variety of visualization and feedback tools.
  • Contour Creator™ for creating and writing the finished contours to the CAD file.
  • Interface to the DAT/EM-PCI ProPack to allow the use of PCI Geomatica GDB data. (Requires PCI license)
  • Airfield3D™ standards-compliant airspace obstruction mapping tool.
  • Point Translator for importing, regrinding, and converting point data, including LiDAR and other DTM features.
  • Several licensing levels from Professional to Mobile are available.


Project Management

Summit Evolution’s project-based information management employs Microsoft-compliant windows and dialogue boxes that provide easy access to any location on any model.

Summit Evolution provides the user with tools to manage large bundle-adjusted projects as well as smaller projects consisting of single stereo pairs. Users can roam seamlessly throughout an entire bundle-adjusted project as well as a single stereo model.