BEND-TECH DRAGON Software Test With SecureX Dongle


Must-have if your job, business or livelihood depends in part on bending tube, pipe, rod, wire, and bar. We have provided you with the tools that will allow you to be productive no matter what problems you face in your tube bending fabrication.

Design with Manufacturing in Mind

Has extra tools that you will need when you are concerned about setup and production times. What separates it from the rest is its focus on manufacturability and flexibility in design.

Create tube parts using an XYZ interface which consists of end points, bend locations, and center line radii. Bend-Tech software will show LRA (Length, Rotation, and Bend Angle) data as well as cut length, spring back data, and weights.

Import round tubes from CAD systems. Bend-Tech works with IGES – STEP –  DXF, and BREP. Send to one of the designers including XYZ or Assembly.

Location (Length), Rotation, and Angle setting format adjustments allow for a flexible output type. Includes a graphical layout screen that is a dimensioned print of the flattened tube.

Focus on Design Flexibility

XYZ interface.
advanced LRA “Length, Rotation & Angle” design interface.
a very powerful revese rengineering feature.
allows for Dxf/step/iges/ interfacing (with the Import/Export function).
for unit conversion (inches vs millimeters).


Focus on Manufacturability

  • Checks to verify sufficient material is available for the bending process.
  • Can provide a “spring back” bend angles.
  • Provides extra checking tools to verify part validity.
  • Allows for multiple dies to be used on the same part.
  • Has extra functionality for roll bending.
  • Provides a graphical layout interface.

Create cutting wrappers (printed paper showing the cut profile that is wrapped around the tube). The wrappers include calibration rotation and location lines for proper alignment. Bend-Tech can also provide hole saw cutting location instructions.

The Spring Back Calculator has an area to enter the angles of spring back experienced after bending which allows the software to automatically make the necessary adjustments. The “Results” and setup sheet have an additional column that includes the spring back angles.