ASTON WinSwitch 3 Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

ASTON WinSwitch 3 Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

Building image below Microsoft Windows for the ecu Installationsbus EIB.

WinSwitch three could be a Hard- and Softwarepackage for central visualisation-,

control-, documentation- and automatisation feeding.

It integrates totally different aspects of technical assembly ( electricity, heating, ventilation, clima, safety features) below one program.

The WinSwitch three software package is employed for the

generation of straightforward service systems on all levels of building management.

additionally WinSwitch three provides a multiple quantity of management functions that are needed for the economical operation of buildings –

amongst others energy management. WinSwitch three makes attainable the realisation of straightforward and effective visualisation

– consumption mensuration and energy management application, that may be tailored precisely to your individual necessities.

The current Version three of the mature technology is currently compatible to Windows scene. it’s delivered with the EIB – entree KNX Microserver.