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Ampére Professional Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle

Ampére Professional

Interchange plug-in between Ampère Professional and Autodesk – Revit MEP and represents. Electro Graphics’ answer to BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology. The basis of the BIM philosophy is the sharing of information in order to ensure.

Easy communication and cooperation between the various professionals involved in the project. Construction of a building, throughout the entire life cycle of the work. Was created with the aim of exploiting the calculation potential of the Electro Graphics software. Pouring the results of the processing into a BIM design environment according to a logic of data interchange. Where the users and the links between them are bound by the electrical network defined in the project.

What You Need to Know About Electrical Project Drawing

In order to use electricity in new buildings, electrical project drawing is essential. No electrical current permit is given to the ready-made structure without the approval of this project. So how to draw an electrical project? What are the details you need to know about it? There are many details as well as more than one evaluation criteria for electrical projects. In projects, it is important how the pricing was done, who drew the project, with which program it was drawn, and what information was used in the examples.

How to Make an Electrical Project Drawing?

  • In the preparation phase of the electrical project, the electrical engineer examines the architectural project.
  • The line through which the electrical internal installation will pass is calculated. All areas including the basement, roof, and mezzanine floors. The electrical project must be equivalent to the architectural project.
  • If there is a conflict between the projects, the scale should be enlarged and detailed information about the project should be noted. The required project scales have separate values ​​for each building.

What is Electrical Project Drawing Program?

Electrical project drawing is done with the AutoCAD program, with this program used by electrical and electronics engineers. the measured area is recorded in the universe. After the necessary calculations are made with all the dimensions, the project is saved.

Detached House Electronics Project

There are multiple types of electrical projects. As each building has a different architectural project, it is clear that there will be a difference for electrical indoor and outdoor installations. Detached houses are the easiest level structures for project drawing. Having a single floor and a certain number is very important for the preparation of the project.

Shopping Mall Electrical Project Drawing

Mall electrical projects have great details in general terms. Although the width of the area details the project, the fact that the plan of each floor is the same makes the work easier.

School Electrical Project

School electrical installation is one of the places that should never be a problem in the future. By paying attention to this issue, the experience of the company that will make the electrical installation should be taken into account.