AlmaCam Actweld Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

AlmaCam Actweld Test With Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


Offline programming code for arc-welding robots

almaCAM Weld, dedicated to the offline programming of arc-welding robots,

permits you to optimize the employment rate of your robots leading to multiplied flexibility and improved productivity.

A precursor over the past fifteen years, almaCAM Weld is currently the leading answer within the field of arc-welding mechanism offline programming and is praised by many makers and integrators World Health Organization propose act/weld to their customers.

Through a graphical interface, almaCAM Weld permits you to program a mechanism from a virtual scene and qualified attachment conditions.

The elements or assemblies to be welded, along with the tooling, are foreign from a 3D CAD system via native or neutral formats (STEP and IGES).

a selected machine permits you to require into consideration all the controller parameters and to simulate the movements of the mechanism on the screen.

almaCAM Weld combines artisan ability along with programming and simulation tools that permit you to make

programs in optimum conditions, and even to validate the planning of a tooling or to check a cell set-up. In some conditions,

almaCAM Weld will generate programs which will need no more touch-ups within the workshop.

A post-processor specifically tailored to the controller permits generating in mechanism language the programs ready with almaCAM Weld.

because of specific cell and part-program size functions, the user will like the automated error correction functions obtainable within the robots

(shifting of trajectories via sensing of joint follow-up, optical maser camera, etc.). almaCAM Weld may manage the multi-controller functions of the new models of robots, i.e. 2 robots and one