1C Enterprise Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Create business applications that connect corporate business units such as Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Production, HR and Accounting to a secure and customizable business process management system. Open Code Applications

1C Enterprise Sentinel HL

is a business automation platform that offers a unique structure that allows organizations to quickly develop the applications they need. An environment to develop Desktop, Mobile and Cloud solutions 100% customizable – adjust workflows to business needs.

Rich library of programming models to accelerate and standardize development, customization and support Internal Business Intelligence to create a wide range of adjustable financial and management reports Access rights management to ensure and control data availability based on user roles Integration with third-party software or other 1C: Enterprise-based applications via web services, ODBC and COM interfaces Support of various database management systems including MS SQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 and Oracle DB.

On-premises or web-based distribution hosting service and Web, tablet or Windows client  1C: Enterprise application platform is implemented in 95 countries from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, North and South America. Fast solution development

Build solutions much faster than before. Cross-platform Build Desktop, Cloud and Mobile apps. Customize 1C: Easily customize Enterprise applications. ERP Solution Developers

1C: Make your business application ideas a reality with the Enterprise development platform. Quickly activate your solutions, cloud applications, business process applications for accounting, finance, production, inventory, sales, orders, HR and many other sectors.

Throughout the evolution of the 1C: Enterprise platform for more than 25 years, our partners have implemented thousands of vertical solutions, helping companies navigate their digital transformation journeys and achieve more advantageous results.

1Ci is the growing international organization of a leading software developer in Eastern Europe, providing business digitization solutions to more than 1 million companies.
Founded in June 2017, 1Ci has the mission of bringing this technological expertise to the world market, expanding its common ecosystem and facilitating digital transformation in businesses of all sizes.

Basic Technologies

Essential 1Ci solutions are a comprehensive 1C: Enterprise platform with a range of technology and development tools to digitize business processes.