ABB Unitrol IEEE PSS2A/B Calculation Tool Test with Aladdin Hardlock Dongle


UNITROL PSS built-in features

  • Microprocessor-based digital power system stabilizer with built-in transfer function in accordance with the latest IEEE421.5 standards (PSS 2A/2B/2C or 4B/4C)
  • Built-in signal injections and high-end recording features
  • Adaptive PSS (APSS), with a patented grid observer
  • Dedicated RoCoF (Rate of Change of Frequency) PSS Blocking function
  • Designated filter networks to avoid torsional interactions

ABB Unitrol IEEE PSS2A/B Other features

  • 3-phase high-speed VT and CT measurements are configurable to match the plant setup
  • Extended IOs, as DCS interface and special configurations (e.g. for pump storage with PSS operation in generating and pump mode)
  • Options for redundant configurations
  • Dedicated touch screen interface to have control and monitoring at your fingertips
  • System Status bar
    • Operation – Real-time measurements
    • Parameter – Set parameters/signals and injection points
    • Events logger – Event logging includes direct access to troubleshooting instructions
    • Slow and Fast trending – For commissioning and grid code compliance
    • Transient Recorder – Capture disturbance events on system and network

CMT 1000 Oscilloscope

This convenient tool for Microsoft Windows serves the following purposes:

  • Display and online changes of the application program and parameter settings
  • Status indication and remote operating function
  • Event and data logger display
  • Trending display of up to six analog signals

PSS calc – for calculation of PSS 2A/2B settings

  • This tool is intended for the calculation of the IEEE 2A/2B settings of a power system stabilizer

MB PSS calc – for calculation of MB PSS settings

  • This tool is intended for the calculation of the IEEE 4B settings of a power system stabilizer.


This Software using Aladdin Hardlock, the dongle has been virtualized upon our Customer contact us. Our customer’s complaint was that the software he used as LPT sometimes had a contactless problem. During the calculation, the communication of the dongle with the operating system was interrupted, so the calculations were interrupted. Our customer, who complained a lot about this situation. Now works with the dongle we virtualized without the need for any hardware. He informed us by e-mail that he was very satisfied and happy.

Aladdin Hardlock dongle usually works as a parallel port, that is LPT, and dongles with this LPT become unusable as time passes, as there are no ports to be installed on new computers, unfortunately.
In this case, there are 2 options. 1. You can request a USB dongle from the software company or request the virtualization of this dongle from our company.