Trumph TruTops Suite V6 Sentinel HL Dongle Clone / Emulator / Crack

Trumph TruTops Suite

TruTops Punch

Perfect support for punching and combination processing.
Punching technology offers many different processing options.
Combined with laser cutting, processing options are even greater.
TruTops Punch helps you to take advantage of all of these possibilities.
The integrated nesting processor places individual parts so that
minimal material is wasted and money is saved. Functions
such as automatic repositioning and trimming make it possible
to produce even complex NC codes very quickly. Visual
support enables you to conveniently program automated machines.
Part quality can be optimized at many points, for example to
avoid nibble marks. The simulation illustrates how processing
will proceed. You will quickly see any need for adjustment.
1 Fast-running NC programs and high process reliability.
2 Programming time saved by numerous automated routines.
3 Wide-ranging simulation.
4 Highly efficient nesting module with many options for

TruTops Laser

Efficient and process reliable NC programs.
TruTops Laser enables you to program your TruLaser machines
easily and reliably. Even at a high level of productivity your
machine will run at its best. An efficient nesting module and
various setting options will ideally arrange and place different
parts on the sheet. The program also makes sure that workpieces
do not tilt and collisions are eliminated.
1 Fast NC programs and the highest process reliability.
2 Programming time reduced by numerous automated routines.
3 Highly efficient nesting module with many setting options for best results.
4 Large scope for direct optimization of part quality.
5 Efficient utilization of laser power.

TruTops Bend

Bending machines programmed parallel to production – and automatically.
TruTops Bend increases productivity. You can program while
your bending machine is running. The built-in TRUMPF bending
expertise, in the form of reduction factors and algorithms for tool
selection and for calculating bending sequences, ensures perfect
quality right from the very first part. A detailed setup plan lets you know which tools are required
for the parts to be produced and provides information on subsequent palletizing. Simulation options prevent collisions
and guarantee high process reliability. You can also program the BendMaster or other robot systems with TruTops Bend –
in the same environment. The Autorun option prepares bending programs automatically,
even for overnight operation, and ensures as few tool adjustments as possible. As a result, you save valuable set-up time and costs.

TruTops Tube

Your entry into tube processing and 3D tube design.
With TruTops Tube you can quickly produce process-reliable programs for your 3D tube cutting machine as well as for the
RotoLas function of your 2D laser cutting system. Discover new areas of application. For example, with TruTops
Tube, you can design bent tube connections very easily. As a result, you can cut complex tube designs from a single tube
and assemble them with the help of the intelligent joining  technology. Numerous automated routines simplify design engineering and
programming. With 3D tube design and simulation options you can immediately see any required changes – before you start
1 Productive and process-reliable programming for TruLaser Tube and RotoLas.
2 Efficient programming through numerous  automated routines for standard cases.
3 Best part quality even with difficult material and complex contours.
4 New areas of application with smart design solutions.

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