ZPlot Rockey4 Dongle Clone

ZPlot Test With Rockey4 Dongle Clone


ZPlot® has long been recognized because the leader in chemical science electric resistance spectroscopic analysis (EIS) measure software package.

Use ZPlot to urge the foremost out of your instruments and knowledge. Foreground-background operation of ZPlot ends up in most output analysis of your knowledge. simple to use menus and on-line facilitate direct you to the foremost powerful EIS tools accessible.

ZPlot® for Windows is that the most powerful and versatile software package tool for management of Scribner Associates INC. and Solartron Analytical frequency response analyzers. The widest form of experimental techniques are supported for all kinds of electric resistance applications. Direct links are provided to CorrWare® and a number of other forms of multiplexers, still as external programs.

ZPlot® has antecedently been licenced by the utilization of a parallel interface electronic device. With the proliferation of USB, and with the disappearance of parallel ports on notebook PCs, we tend to currently issue a USB licensing electronic device. For additional info, contact North American country or your distributor.