Zenotec Wieland Dental CAM Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Zenotec Wieland Dental CAM Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Zenotec CAM

The Zenotec CAM is a nesting software, especially suitable for Wieland milling machines.

With the help of the special Wieland output format, users can achieve

impressive milling results with simple steps and coordinated milling strategies.


64 bit application for quick nesting of your milling units
modern user interface
Specially coordinated milling strategies for Wieland materials
fast multi-core milling path calculation
simple STL milling function with the possibility of optimizing the preparation margin
matched to Zenotec CAM 3.2 / CAM 4.0 / CAM 4.5 milling files
Paint function for fully anatomical crowns
Selection of separate insertion directions
height optimization
Job-to-job function
Creation of your own milling strategies (not in Zenotec CAM basic)