Warrior Data Acquisition Test with Sentinel Hardlock Dongle

Warrior Data Acquisition computer code unharness eight.0 could be a third-generation sixty four / 32-bit Unicode program. The someone computer code could be a mature work package that stresses easy use, wide skillfulness, with a real multi-tasking setting. The computer code are often used on one laptop to amass real time information from a borehole, to replay, figure and print logs from the data or foreign data from alternative systems like LAS or LIS data formats. a replacement feature to someone eight is that the addition of Distributable Digital Media, the flexibility to come up with a distributable digital media that will permit a User to produce their purchasers associate degree interactive copy of log information to look at while not having someone computer code put in on their laptop.

many programs (or tasks) could also be running on one laptop at a similar time. inside the someone system, for instance, many totally different log plots could also be displayed severally on the screen and alternative logs may be directed to plotters. Headings could also be ready, and final log displays originated, all whereas continued to amass information.

The someone information Acquistion computer code supports several existing business standards from Cased hole, Open hole and Memory oil field work tool makers. New and startup tool makers are often supported by further development from Scientific information Systems’s programmers and engineers by adding new Device or Tool computer code Modules. The someone computer code runs on Windows operative Systems (Currently Windows XP, seven 32/64 bit, Windows eight 32/64 bit and Windows ten 32/64 bit).

The operator interface includes a telemetry/pulse monitor (obviating the requirement for associate degree oscilloscope), individual levels could also be set manually, or mechanically by the computer code.

Services are predefined in order that the operator merely selects the desired services and is given with a totally designed service originated with the last tool string and calibrations run. If alternative tools are to be run, the graphical tool string editor is employed to pick the desired tool and cargo the acceptable parameters and calibrations.

Data monitors embrace raw and mark information of all sensors, together with depth and line speed.