Vola Timing Circuit-Pro V5 Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone / Emulator.

Vola Timing Circuit-Pro V5 Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone / Emulator.

Circuit-Pro could be a sports temporal arrangement package developed for all competitions

in circuit and for all races with lap by lap management like MTB cross-country i.e
Circuit-Pro has been developed to adapt optimally to the various totally different temporal

arrangement systems with electrical device or electric eye technology like  Tag Heuer, Microgate,

Omega, Alge, Mylpas, Chronelec, BeChronized, etc…. It will manage many intermediate times,

many speed traps, entry and exit of pitlanes, etc… It may also show live results on scoreboards,

tv screens, on the web, etc…
Circuit-Pro integrates conjointly an entire module for the management of rental kart circuits (Rent-Circuit-Pro).

Management of teams , of karts, of track records, temporal arrangement sessions of ten minutes etc….
Circuit-Pro is currently distributed in 2 modes :
This mode is restricted to twenty impulses per event. you’ll be able to transfer Circuit-Pro for analysis on this electronic computer.
– Extended for full version.
To work, this mode needs the acquisition of a package protection coded on a particular USB electronic device.
The electronic device should be put in on the pc wherever Circuit-Pro runs.