Vexcel UltraMap V4.4 Sentinel HL Dongle

Vexcel UltraMap V4.4 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle


From information to high worth data.
UltraMap is that the progressive photogrammetric advancement system that gives extremely automatic process capabilities

permitting organizations to quickly generate quality knowledge product from AN UltraCam flight.
Streamlined potency.
The end-to-end UltraMap advancement consists of 5 consecutive modules and provides premium UltraCam processing

from ingest of information to delivery of purpose clouds, DSMs, ortho imaging and 3D rough-textured TINs.

UltraMap is all you would like.
UltraMap is that the single, most-efficient aerial package advancement to method top quality UltraCam imaging.

This video in brief demonstrates the practicality of its main modules.
Simple user interface: One intuitive application for all UltraMap modules and wonderful interaction potentialities with larger knowledge sets.

The advanced radiometry module options a cooccurring projectbased color reconciliation and de-hazing of

oblique and nadir imaging additionally as versatile radiometric changes.

UltraMap helps you to simply keep track, modify or repeat any of your processing advancement steps.
Easy, intuitive and elaborate visual analysis of massive blocks and improved aerial triangulation results.