VetView Console Test with Usb Sentinel Dongle Clone

What is VetView Console?

VetView is a web based business software for veterinary clinics and laboratory management software.

Who Developed VetView?

VetView is not developed by a private company or corporation. The VetView team is part of the University of Georgia.

VetView is dynamic and agile.

VetView is a dynamic product that can change rapidly with changing industry trends.

All-In-One Workstation Software Animal Survey Software Console Display Console.

The VetView Console is a complete image management software that includes easy data retrieval, fast image acquisition and user-friendly features.

These functions include image review, processing, optimization and archiving.

VetView Console

VetView is an X-ray console software for collecting and processing images using flat panel detectors and X-ray generators.

The data archive gives users easy access to medical history, image searches and case studies.

With a number of useful tools at your fingertips, images can be easily enlarged and animated. VetView was specially developed for ease of use and is the optimal choice for an efficient, high-quality workflow.

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Basic functions of visualization software

  • DICOM file management
  • Compatible with DICOM 3.0
  • Upload images to the PACS server
  • DICOM printing
  • DICOM to-do list
  • Record a CD with CD Viewer
  • Enlarge the image
  • Display of the checked image
  • Side by side
  • Measurement of length and
  • Viewpoint
  • Add explanatory text, graphics and electronic markup to images
  • Data backup and recovery

Optional function

  • Generator function

Image processing

Perfect shot (no correction required) Integrated software for automatic image optimization.

Professional image processing for diagnostic purposes Simple monitoring of bone and microstructure Noise suppression.

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