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Unitron Command Centre Software Test with Hasp Dongle Clone


Unitron   Command   Centre

is  a set of software applications  that  act  as  aneasy-to-useinterface for Unitron UC32 Field Controllers   and Network Controllers on a BMS web site. The Unitron Command Centreis designed to permit building  supervisors  to  check  and  adjust  management set points,  as  well  as  view  or  modification calendars  and time  schedules.  Powerful  data  logging  and alarm management  features  enable  the  performance  of main  plant  and field controllers  to  be  fine-tuned with  ease.

Alarms  can  be  automatically  sent  by email  or SMS to    key   personnel    for    instant attention.Unique Flexibility with UniPut™ I/OThe  Unitron UC32  range  uniquely  presents  UniPut  I/O,  a revolutionary    answer    to    flexible    point    configuration, offering  maximized  utili sation  of  controller  capability at the side of flexibility in strategy changes. designed on a contemporary, web-based   architecture,   the   Unitron UC32   range   has   a   wide application scope with the pliability of being complete or network   enabled.   Easily   customis in a position,   the   Unitron UC32 range   has   option alinternal   or   external   keypads   for   a powerful  yet  user-friendly  interface,  matched  by  in depth observation and work capabilities.

The right integration at the proper level The  Unitron Command Centre Software   solution   provides   a   wide   choice   of integration choices as well as BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, and  OPC.    Cylon’s  philosophy  is  to  provide  an  open  system that  is  truly  future  proof.  With  Modbus,  M-Bus  and  KNX, Cylon offers high performance Fieldbus integration. BACnet is  the  international  standard  that  provides  peer  to  peer integration  over  TCP/IP.  OPC  Server  extends  UnitronUC32 integration on the far side building services.

Unitron Command Centre

Real-Time DisplaysGraphic screens are often developed exploitation any drawing package capable of generating a BMPfile format. Supports the employment of scanned footage. Supports animatedgraphics Graphic screens will access objects for text, period of time values, logs, graphs, schedule objects, and links to different graphic screens Modifying common application objects, adore set points are often done diagrammatically Commands to begin and stop binary objects can be done by clicking the chosen object and choosing the suitable command from the pop-up menu.  No entry of text needed.Reporting The Unitron Command Centre includes a reports package for assembling knowledge and process reports. Reports are often time, date or event triggered.

This suggests that historical knowledge

are often designed up mechanically, andexternal applications are often run to make complicated reports in any format.Historical knowledge also can be exported to data analysis or metering applications, and may be hold on as CSV or ODBC / SQL Server format Exportto netLink Unitron Web Link permits Unitron UC32 sites to be supervised from any browser over TCP/IP. WebLink interfaces can be created by automatically exporting a completed graphical user directly from the Unitron Command Centre-using one simple ‘Save as HTML’ command. this enables a web-enabled higher-up system to be created quickly and simply.Generic Drawings one graphic are often established so it can be redirected to anybody of many controllers -deal for Fancoil and VAV applications, wherever one plant drawing are often wont to supervise several items of kit throughout a web site.