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Unitest Marine Training Software Test with Hardlock Dongle Clone


A ballast water treatment system supported the new Alfa Laval resolution, PureBallast three.0. The new module contains a presentation half and a machine.

A ballast water treatment system is needed by the new Convention for the management and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, unremarkably cited because the BWM. The convention needs ballast water to be treated to specific standards before discharge, and permits national, regional and native authorities to use their own restrictive framework in their various water.

The presentation half covers basic info relating to ballast water management rules, configuration of the system and describes operating principles.

The PureBallast system machine supplements the theoretical info from the presentation elements and allows sensible coaching on the system. the subsequent processes square measure enforced within the simulator:
• balast
• debalast
• striping
• improvement on place CIP

The machine possesses the first Alfa Laval system HMI and is supplied with terribly realistic 3D graphics.