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Transas Ship Simulator Software Test Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

Transas could be a world market leader in ship & fleet operations solutions that embody bridge infrastructure, digital knowledge and electronic charts services, and applications for access to the time period information. the corporate is additionally a pacesetter in skilled coaching and simulation solutions, ship traffic control, and AI-based decision-support tools.

Transas leverages the newest advances in machine learning to form a unified cloud-based platform for managing operations across the whole marine ecosystem. the corporate has twenty two regional offices worldwide and a distribution network that spans one hundred twenty countries. Its hands of roughly a thousand workers includes an outsized and competent team of engineers who, beside.

Transas Ship Simulator Software , can accelerate the event of good digital solutions.Wärtsilä steps up to the challenges of providing coaching during a digital world characterized by increased  stress on learning strategies that accommodate flexibility and collaboration. Wärtsilä Simulation & coaching solutions are engineered from the bottom up to coach and prepare seafarers of the future.

They provide micro-learning, sanctioning education anytime from anywhere, customized training and e-learning supported by remote tutoring. they provide gamification of training, drawn from real-life things and just about recreated, to create it a lot of partaking for individual learning or for building team skills in multi-player mode. Furthermore, new content distribution technologies enable these solutions to achieve seafarers on each platform, with choices for virtual, increased and mixed reality.

Complete Solutions

  • Transas supports training suppliers throughout the complete process: coaching would like analysis (TNA)
  • Selecting the proper simulation technology
  • Design of coaching facilities; practice on infrastructure works
  • Turnkey project management and deployment
  • Customised development for specific applications
  • Train-the-trainer courses
  • Certification support
  • Customised maintenance and support services
  • Courseware and training content development and delivery

ECDIS could be a computer-based navigation system compliant with the newest International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules and is employed as another to paper shipping charts.

An ECDIS system displays the knowledge from electronic guidance charts (ENC) and integrates position information from the world Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), gyrocompass, speed log, different navigational sensors, radiolocation and automatic identification systems (AIS).

Transas Ship Simulator Software delivers a full vary of type-approved ECDIS solutions that may be complete or a part of the Integrated Navigation Systems or Multifunctional show i.e. Radar, Conning, Bridge Alarm Management, Track management in one workstation.


Navi-Radar 4000

unambiguously combines radar information, navigational charts, ENC safety parameters, targets, user-maps, routes and tools for call support, that all guarantee safer navigation.

With Navi-Radar 4000, chart layers is separately configured, avoiding a littered radiolocation display. the mixing of ECDIS and radiolocation reaches a replacement level. Combining better of category in hardware (JRC) and code (Transas), the new Navi-Radar could be a distinctive product from 2 known manufacturers.

Built on the Fleet Operation Solutions software platform it creates the right integration of (connected) ECDIS/ radiolocation however additionally permits remote bother shooting from shore.