TimeStone DataPost CapturePost Test with Hardlock Dongle

Sophisticated and reliable tethered shooting with CapturePost

With fast and reliable snapshots on-site, you can take photos safely and without delay. With the support of the most professional digital cameras, you can still use your favorite camera. Amazing 2-4 seconds download speed doesn’t slow you down while you are working!

CapturePost was used on the day of onsite photography to take pictures from a connected digital camera and compare them with people (objects) in the database.
Work is put up with PackBuilder or NeoPackProfessional before photos are taken. The assignment database can be filled with data.
The CapturePost photographer opens the work and connects the camera. Objects are found by scanning the barcode or searching for the keyboard.

CapturePost supports nearly all professional digital SLR cameras, either directly with our custom drivers or via common hot folder camera drivers.

TimeStone DataPost CapturePost

The HotFolder common camera driver supports all cameras that can link recordings with its own camera recording software. This includes professional Nikon SLR cameras

  • Work with one or more images at the same time.
  • Apply single image result to all selected images or images.
  • Remove all background colors green, blue, it doesn’t matter.


When shooting multiple images, mark one of them as the main or primary image to be used in production. For multi-pose shoots, pose numbers or labels can be assigned to the images as you shoot.  Flag a subject’s images as requiring retouching! All of the above can also be performed in the “Builder” or “Neo” applications post-shoot.