THERMO RAD Tiny Dongle Clone

THERMO RAD Test With Tiny Dongle Clone


The package has been developed to handle thermal style challenges of Compact Heat Exchangers (CHE) comparable to.
Introduction: THERMORAD could be a powerful tool for thermal style of CHE. By exploitation this package, makers ar able to reply to the client’s advanced inquiries as fast as doable. makers offer precise solutions considering all limitations desired by customers comparable to, performance, dimensions, pressure drops (Both sides), etc. The package has been developed in a very Windows-based Delphi programming atmosphere. it’s user friendly and case sensitive. By utilizing this package, thermal style of terribly advanced multi money handler systems is simply “click away”.

Software Features:

S.I and Imperial Units
Rating mode: Calculation of the cooling capability and pressure drops (air and coolant) of a CHE of familiar size.
size mode: Defines the amount of tube rows and fins/in (fins/m) needed to fulfill the cooling capability for a CHE of familiar height and breadth
Balance purpose in rating mode
Fan Design
Seven fin & tube combos
completely different fin and tube materials(Copper, aluminum, brass and steel)
Single or multi row cores
Single or multi pass core( I, U, Z)
Coolant(Water, 50/50, 70/30 glycol/water, oil( dynamic property input), air)
Internal fin
result of un-finned region at the headers
Air speed -Heat rejection/Pressure drop diagram
Balance purpose diagram
result of elevation on top of water level
Experimental and normal (J-Re) and (f-Re) curves
Providing J-Re and F-Re correlations supported construction check results