Term Master Suite Hasp HL Dongle Clone

Term Master Suite Test With Hasp HL Dongle Clone.

This software is designed to manage the system of POS-terminals. The company offers a multifunctional management system – TermMaster Suite. This system allows remote downloading of software, parameters of POS-terminals, data on cards blocked by payment systems (stop list). By changing various parameters in the POS terminal profile, the bank can remotely allow or prohibit the execution of any operation (off line mode, manually entering a card number, entering a PIN code, processing tips in restaurant transactions, etc.).
Special features

The ability to remotely boot into the POS terminals of the operating system and application programs.

Effective and efficient change of processing parameters for POS-terminals (acceptance for payment of new cards, use of additional peripherals, etc.) without the need to transport the terminal to a service center.

Using a single center to manage all POS-terminals in the network, regardless of the specific location of the terminal.

Ability to simultaneously load multiple terminals.

Using hardware and software from one manufacturer allows you to create the most efficient network of POS-terminals. Especially when it comes to Hypercom – the world leader in the construction of e-commerce networks.

VeriFone’s network and terminal components of the solution – hubs, terminals, PIN-pads demonstrate the highest performance, the possibilities of expansion and adaptation to new telecommunication technologies, provide the maximum level of security and ease of maintenance.