TELEALTAIR 4.30 Software Test with Sentinel Dongle

What is?


is software used in fire systems. In general, it is ideal for companies that want to install a cheap system. Production is discontinued today.


Fire alarm systems are the generic name given to the whole of the systems that detect a possible. Fire at the time of its onset, provides a chance to intervene to the relevant units with the warning elements and deactivate the units that may be dangerous by warning the extinguishing systems through different detection elements.

Thus saving time for the evacuation of the campus. Fire alarm systems, where it is possible to produce solutions for every application with different detection elements, are used in homes, offices, factories, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and all similar areas.


How Fire Systems Work

The working principle of fire systems is that the smoke detectors detect the smoke or the heat change of the heat sensors in general. Detectors that detect fire or heat change activate the audible warning mechanism, and everyone in the fire area is informed about the situation with the audible warning systems.

If the area in question is an area where the fire can get out of control very quickly, the extinguishing mechanisms are activated in this way or the fire is extinguished by notifying the nearest fire department. The fire alarm system is also of great importance in terms of ensuring this integration.

Fire Alarm Systems Connection Diagram

Fire alarm systems connection diagram should be drawn without errors for easy and correct operation of the fire system.

First of all, let’s explain what this scheme is and what it does. Whether you use a conventional or analog system as a fire detection system, a fire alarm system connection diagram is prepared in all of them. The system is put into practice according to this scheme.

If the diagram is drawn without errors, the smoke, heat, flame detectors and sirens on the fire panel work in harmony with each other and the system gives correct results.

The fire alarm scheme should be drawn by the professionals of the business in order for the system to give correct results. In addition, the periodic checks of the system must be done on time so that the wear and tear is eliminated.