SwissQual NQView Diversity Optimizer Tested Hasp Dongle Emulator / Clone.

SwissQual NQView Optimizer is an effective and adaptable multi-innovation

RF and administration quality (QoS)

streamlining apparatus for versatile administrators and framework sellers.

It keeps running on standard portable PC PCs for drive tests and tablet

PCs for indoor and walk test-based estimations.

Assorted qualities Optimizer underpins more than 100 test gadgets,

including the most recent industrially accessible Android cell phones,

USB modems information gadgets, SIP customer, and RF scanners, for example,

the Rohde and Schwarz R&S®TSME Scanner. Outside gadgets can all be

effortlessly associated by means of standard PC interfaces, including USB,

PCIe, and Ethernet. Running on a PC-based working framework,

Diversity Optimizer can likewise be furnished with

SwissQual QualiPoc Android cell phones, offering the

conveyability and adaptability of a handheld device with the force of PC.

With its natural and simple to-utilize interface, the likelihood to associate

up to six test gadgets and a RF scanner, Diversity Optimizer underpins

all conceivable streamlining test situations.

Assorted qualities Optimizer is a perfect

answer for drive and walk test-based advancement crusades.

SwissQual NQViewSwissQual NQView