Swisslog Transponet Matrix Dongle

TranspoNet pneumatic pipe system

TranspoNet supports nurses in fulfilling their mission by maintaining two of the most important material flows in the hospital – namely for diagnosis and therapy.
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Management of Laboratory Stationary Pharmacy for Nurses, Hospital Laboratory Planning

Building management is becoming increasingly complex. Managing multiple subsystems and adhering to safety standards is challenging and costly to health facilities. TranspoNet offers appropriate instructions and documentation to meet security standards and reduce the total cost of ownership of your facility.

Cyber ​​security threats are a new and very serious health challenge. The number of hospital cases being held hostage is increasing. TranspoNet’s ultra-modern IT infrastructure minimizes the risk of critical material flow in your facility being exposed to cyber attacks.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our fully integrated and automated solutions support the workflow of your employees. We make this possible through the interaction of automation and user-oriented software applications. We want to maximize the time you can enjoy, but we also want to reduce the burden associated with our facility management decisions.
For this reason we have developed a service product that can be adapted to the size of your system.

Integration with pharmacies and laboratories

Swisslog Transponet can be integrated into pharmaceutical automation robots (eg Therapick) and laboratory analysis lines to automate drug management and laboratory sample intralogistics.
Workflow support

Swisslog Transponet

TranspoNet PTS stations support the workflow of both the sender and the receiver. Send and receive connections are designed for ergonomics. The user is guided through the process.
Chain of trust and transparency

Real-time status notification and traceability of all steps during the shipping process. The benefits of senders and receivers from transparent tracking and manual inquiries are significantly reduced.
Secured and loaded

Protecting your consumables is essential for a safe workflow in your hospital. Our PTS station protects shippers of goods that come in lockable cabinets. Checking the RFID card ensures that the correct recipient has access to sensitive materials such as blood products or medicines.

Improve process efficiency Health facilities are not always able to plan or forecast transportation requirements.
Automating spontaneous conveying with a pneumatic tubing system reduces process disruptions and increases efficiency.
Creates more time for the patient Pneumatic piping reduces the task of transporting staff.
Rather than performing pick-up and delivery tasks, employees can focus on patient care. Speed ​​up diagnosis and treatment Pneumatic piping systems reliably transport goods in minutes – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This saves valuable time and increases execution time.

Laboratory results and treatment are available sooner.
Fast return on investment The Transponet pneumatic piping system pays for itself in one and a half to three years. In combination with better process quality and patient care, the cost effectiveness of pneumatic hose solutions leads to much higher competitiveness.

TranspoNet Systems’ premier security support chain provides full traceability of carriers and transported goods as part of tracking and application options. Access restrictions and user authentication significantly increase transaction security.