SNOWDEN Supervisor Test With Sentinel UltraPro Dongle

SNOWDEN Supervisor is a useful tool for resource estimation professionals as a result of it helps to resolve sensible earth science problems within the shortest attainable time.

If you employ biased knowledge or invalid domains in your resource estimation method, you’ll get AN unreliable result. this can have dramatic implications downstream within the mining price chain. Billions of bucks get endowed supported resource estimates, therefore it’s important that they’re as correct as attainable.

Supervisor incorporates a vary of advanced options that leverage decades of analysis and skill in earth science knowledge analysis and geostatistics. It’s intuitive and straightforward to use as a result of we’ve designed it around however geologists ought to work.

This is why Supervisor is recognised as AN business leader in earth science knowledge analysis.

Data Analysis

Supervisor incorporates a vary of knowledge ANalysis tools which will permit the user to chop-chop perceive the characteristics of an orebody. Tools include: histograms, log chance plots, additive distribution functions, correlation matrices, Q-Q plots, box and whisker plots, mean and variance plots, still because the application of prime cuts and declustering.


Variograms represent the grade continuity among your deposit and are a key input to the kriging method. Supervisor’s simple to use variogram analysis is interactive, permitting the user to look at and model variograms for all directions directly and think about them in 3D.

Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis

Optimise block size ANd estimation parameters with an interactive and easy to use KNA interface to make sure an improved quality estimate and cut back conditional bias (oversmoothing). KNA tests numerous block sizes, variety of samples, search parameters and discretisation to make sure conditional bias is minimised.

Model Validation

Ensure the accuracy of your estimate against the computer file in a very fraction of the time and check the theoretical grade duty curve victimization international amendment of support. Model validation generates grade trend plots, histograms, log chance plots, statistics ANd international amendment of support to assess the standard of an estimate.