Sismicad 12 Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

Sismicad 12 Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone / Emulator

64bit performance 3D input

Its innovative object management, together with a totally renewed input environment, make it a product of extreme simplicity and concreteness maintained in constant updating.
In addition it is optimized for 64bit operating systems.

FEM modeling controlled

Despite an input disconnected from modeling problems, there is the possibility of manually defining the finite element model.
Furthermore, the automatic generation of the mesh makes it possible to define septa and plates that are always congruent with each other.


There are features to manage the coordinated project but not only. There are also specific commands for recognizing and interpreting geometries from 3D architectural CADs.


Complete archives

You can work immediately with the commercial products you already use. The databases already provide for defaults with more common products and commercial materials.

Existing buildings

Simple procedures for the management of existing buildings in linear analysis, including reinforcements in FRP, CAM, networks, etc. as well as the pushover analysis with fiber modeling to get the most out of it.