SimuTrawl Eutron SmartKey Dongle Clone

SimuTrawl Test with Eutron SmartKey Dongle Clone


SimuTrawl has been developed by MPSL.  MPSL is supported by Marine Production System Laboratory, faculty of Fisheries Science, Pukyong National University in Choson.

SimuTrawl may be a planning and analyzing tool for the engineering properties and performance of the trawl gear.

SimuTrawl are often used at the developing stage for brand spanking new kind gear and analyzing the performance for the prevailing gear. therefore we expect this tool is helpful for the developing engineer or designer of internet maker, skipper of trawler, researchers. It are often used as a tutorial for college kids learning concerning fishing style and simulation.

SimuTrawl is developed through the scientific experiments between ocean trial and simulation. it’s designed for even a beginner World Health Organization isn’t familiar with employing a laptop. The software system adopted for the software is Windows series.
Able to style and simulate varied fishing gears like
bottom, midwater, try and multi-rig etc…
Trawl gear style and simulation programs at a cost-effective worth
Excellent fishing rig style systems for a user’s convenience
Efficient fishing rig material information and provide management
Dynamic simulation of the fishing rig form
Accurate calculation of the strain functioning on every twine and  mesh gap