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Sentri SMS+ Commissioning Tool

Sentri is a fire alarm system brand used in the United Kingdom. Under normal conditions, it uses the same system as Gent and we can say that everything is the same except for a few changes. Gent Brand is a widely used system in the United Kingdom and Arab countries. This software was developed by Honeywell. You can contact us when you urgently need a license key. A license key can be provided at any time.

SMS supports fire specialists around the UK. From shops to surgeries, offices to schools, SMS works with the specialist to deliver quality solutions to protect people and property.
SMS is part of the Honeywell group, a leading manufacturer in the field of fire detection and alarm systems.
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The  System is the most comprehensive life safety system available in the market today. The combination of the powerful software in the control panel and the intelligent loop powered devices delivers a flexible, easy to use system for all building types and sizes.

Honeywell offers a complete range of Voice Alarm systems to suit a wide range of sites and applications. The Honeywell Voice Alarm system is supported by the appropriate EN54 standards and is complimented by a range of certified loudspeakers to ensure the system is both compliant with regulations and will perform reliably. For more information on our Voice Alarm and Loudspeaker range please go to the Honeywel