Selco Optiplanning V3 Eutron Smartkey Dongle Emulator / Clone

Selco Optiplanning

For fast entry: assembly of greater than four hundred parameters forming a separate parameter web page
a number of orders can be optimized together
reduction of waste
photograph display of chopping patterns
Algorithm for:
Low quantity
Stip panels
excessive volume
mixed lists
Import of records from external programmes
photo editor for altering optimised chopping patterns
computerized panel and remnant administration
application section furnishings – definition of all cuttable constituents of a bit of furnishings with computerized adjustment of all cut pieces to the new size (in case of changes)
data transfer at a number of Selco-beamsaws (floppy disk or network card)
likelihood of cutting record distribution concerning longitudinal or transversal chopping
displaying and printing of slicing studies, reducing patterns, parameters,