SCM XILOG PLUS Sentinel HL Driverless Dongle Clone

SCM XILOG PLUS Sentinel HL Driverless Dongle Clone

The software system Xilog and from the SCM cluster is employed to manage the

CNC-machining centres with numerical management. It consists of 2 items

of software system, which may be put in severally or together:

the program editor and therefore the machine control board.

The program editor is employed to form and modify programs that contain

the instruction manual of the machine and its constituents.

It also can be put in on a customary workplace computer. In its place, conjointly different editors to form the programs is used.

The machine control board permits the interpretation and

execution of the programs created with the editor. It conjointly permits the semi-automatic and/or

manual management of the movements of the machine. it’s put in on the computer of the machine.

Xilog and is employed for all CNC-machining centres of the series Record, Ergon, Pratix etc. since 2000.

Previous versions of Xilog and are Routolink and Xilog3. The successor version is Xilog master.