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SCA Sperm Class Analyzer Test with Hasp HL Dongle

AUTONOMOUS: Human intervention isn’t needed. The system mechanically sets up the right activity, adjusts the reconciling optics, detects and focusses samples and likewise analyses are performed mechanically. the inner internal control is automatic furthermore.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: It suggests successive analysis that you just ought to perform on a sample and conjointly tells you which of them analyses haven’t been performed nonetheless.MULTI-PATIENT: With the SCA SCOPE you’ll analyze many patients at an equivalent time.

SCA Sperm Class Analyzer The device will be utilized by anyone with no previous data of research. Reports will be written directly.

BIG DATA: All results are keep in an exceedingly info with support for complicated statistics, custom queries and integration with a LIS.Counting chambers SCAD isposable numeration chambers to analyses motility, concentration and pH of seminal fluid. There are many numeration chamber formats offered.Morphology slides SCAPre-stained slides to analyses morphology of spermatozoon that mix typical magnifier slides and isotonic Sperm Blue stain into a able to use device.

SCA Sperm Class Analyzer

Vitality slides SCA Eosine-Nigrosine primarily based stain, optimized in ballroom dance staining technique for the assessment of spermatozoon vitality in brightfield.Leukocytes slides SCA Kit for detection of oxidase positive cells in seminal fluid. A seminal fluid sample is mixed with a substrate specific for the protein oxidase.

The SCA SCOPE may be a science lab instrumentation for seminal fluid assessment that includes each code and hardware. Thus, associatealysis will be performed in an autonomous, automatic and speedy means.This new all-in-one CASA can ease and improve your performance within the laboratory creating your work each a lot of economical and cozy.Functionality, simplicity and aesthetics for your science lab.

System constantly updated to include the ultimate state-of-the art technology and operating system available.

SCA® CASA System permits to accommodate several platforms of hardware and software, being able to suit distinct needs such as Fertility Clinics, Multi-site centres with central Laboratory and Satellites, Animal Research Centres or Fish and Microalgae Production.

Customized reports are supplied by Microptic, including letterhead, and any required results in the contents.