Saurer Emstudio 4.40 Ised Hasp HL Dongle Clone

Saurer Emstudio 4.40 Ised Hasp HL Dongle Clone

Embroidery software EmStudio – new with iSed
The embroidery software for maximum efficiency and quality

The EmStudio family consists of three elements that cover the complete needs of drawing, punching and machine.

In addition, data are also provided for calculating the profitability.

iSed – the intelligent acid editor
iSed enables smart editing, easy correction, efficient macros and unprecedented visualization in highest performance.

Many functions, which until now were only possible in punches, are no problem with iSed. Change e.g. Stitch density and stitch length, adjust the stitching or transform stitches or entire pattern pieces. Apply existing effects as a macro in new designs. The new, intelligent Dessinprozessoren, the improved optimizers, as well as the checking of embroidery rules and visualizing potential problem areas guarantee optimum productivity of the embroidery machine. iSed is part of e-punch, e-host and e-lite.

e-punch: Probably the most comprehensive punch program, created and developed in direct collaboration with many punchers.
e-host: as complete CAM system for your embroidery.
e-lite: The easy-to-learn punch program for all standard applications. It contains the main features of the e-punch.

The EmStudio family meets your needs, in any case.