SAFE Enhancements V12 Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Emulator / Clone

SAFE Enhancements is a definitive device for planning solid floor and establishment frameworks.

From encircling format completely through to detail drawing generation, SAFE coordinates each part of the building configuration handle in one simple and natural environment.

SAFE gives unmatched advantages to the designer with its genuinely special blend of force, far reaching abilities, and usability.
Laying out models is brisk and productive with the advanced drawing devices, or utilize one of the import alternatives to get information from CAD, spreadsheet, or database programs.

Pieces or establishments can be of any shape, and can incorporate edges molded with round and spline bends.
Post-tensioning might be incorporated into both sections and pillars to adjust a rate of the self-weight.

Suspended sections can incorporate level, two-way, waffle, and ribbed encircling frameworks.

Models can have sections, supports, dividers, and slopes associated from the floors above and beneath.

Dividers can be demonstrated as either straight or bended.

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