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RUMIDraw round socks machines programming. The picture program truely used for programming the brand new

circular knitting machines is a brand new version of the famous “RUMIDRAW”.
The “RUMIDRAW” software is composed by way of a photograph software for the sample creation and an EDITOR for the practise and

managing of the textiles applications.
This application permits programming all our latest machines and practically all earlier versions. We’re on hand to investigate any

request for program upgrade for old units. “RUMIDRAW” graphical software description
The “RUMIDRAW” is the program, personalized through RUMI for the production and management of the textile packages.
The software was once developed for the windows platform so for  this motive appear very acquainted.
The recognition of the drawings may be very intuitive utilizing examples that are supplied for the duration of installation and are

headquartered on distinct types of machines. The instruments to be had are self-explanatory,

even though typically very strong and reserving the submenus,targeted elements designed to consultant and simplify the consumer experience.
Working at high decision, that you could show pictures with a handy zoom with a grid for an nice view even of small details with a few stitches.
Being a multi-file software, that you would be able to work with multiple open drawings.
The program additionally offers exact instruments to have interaction speedily and conveniently with scanner and printer.
Useful  is also the possibilities to import and export portraits in various picture codecs.

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