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RI Viewer Imaging Software Deskey Dongle


Imaging computer code for ART

RI Viewer could be a laptop application that accompanies Saturn optical maser systems and IMSI. it’s wont to show

pictures from the magnifier and to hold out optical maser procedures. Little Rhody Viewer replaced Cronus computer code that was
previously sold  with Little Rhody optical maser systems.


Full screen imaging from magnifier

Digital magnification

Analogue and photographic camera choices

Full Saturn operation with target, exclusion zone, straightforward hole size setting

Foot Pedal management of computer code and optical maser (programmable)

One click image capture and recording

Line Measurements – on-screen and printable

Built in machine for coaching and demonstration

The computer program of Little Rhody Viewer relies around providing associate tidy full screen read of the image from the magnifier.

Overlays and buttons square measure solely displayed after they square measure required.

Zooming and panning of the image is fast and easy.

The computer program is ‘task-focused’. associate example is once the user needs to form a hole with the optical maser,

he/she clicks the optical maser button – this prepares the hardware and therefore the user
interface utterly to achieving that task – sanctionative overlays, golf shot the optical maser

into associate operative mode, and displaying all the relevant data and controls.