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Reliance 4

Reliance is a professional SCADA/HMI system designed for the visualization and manipulate

of business methods and for building automation.

The improvement crew of Reliance has lengthy-time experience with constructing massive applications.

Customers’ remarks performs a essential function in in addition improvement of the system. As a end result,

Reliance is a customizable, reliable, and strong system that may be adapted even for complex programs.

The cause why Reliance is rather regarded with the aid of structures integrators is because it is easy to use,

it has user-pleasant features, which make the device very fast and first-class to work with.

We are pleased to pay attention from structures integrators who formerly worked with aggressive

SCADA applications that they’ve discovered working with Reliance  or three times quicker than with the alternative systems.

The speed of development, person-pleasant features, and reliability of the machine have continually belonged amongst our high priorities.

Every day, lots of Reliance installations are being used worldwide for the visualization and manage of business strategies inside the following fields:

Gas enterprise
Chemical enterprise
Heating and air con for homes
District heating systems
Coal and hydroelectric electricity vegetation
Wastewater treatment and water treatment plant life
Malting plant life and breweries
Meat processing and meals manufacturing vegetation
Traffic manipulate structures
Production traces
Intelligent buildings or circle of relatives homes
Other areas…

Benefits of using Reliance for stop customers

Increasing the first-class and productivity of the production manner
Minimizing technological breakdowns by using early caution the machine operator
Reliability of the utility because of redundancy of records verbal exchange lines
Ability to in the end examine the purpose of a possible technological breakdown (thru Postmort)
Faster improvement of the application by using the structures integrator = lower purchase fee
Automatic reports from the production through electronic mail or SMS
Secured get admission to to technological facts 24 hours a day thru the Internet or SMS

Benefits of using Reliance for structures integrators

State-of-the-art and consumer-friendly improvement environment (RAD)
Reducing development, trying out and start-up time of packages = decrease prices
No programming code wanted for basic functions
One version of an software may be configured for all workstations (computer systems)
Centralized management for large programs
Easily exporting a final application to the Web layout
Easily expanding existing packages
Comments may be introduced to all items in an application
Easy orientation in an software even for engineers no longer acquainted with it
Reliability of the system = decreasing prices for technical assist
Continuity from older to newer versions (backward compatibility)
Outstanding support and services