PTSone SkyRail Matrix Dongle  Before the founding of this company, the three managing directors had long been independent with their own companies and each had a great passion for pneumatic tube.

Then, over the years, the impatience grew, because the market and the products available in it hardly developed further and own ideas and modern product solutions could not longer be realized.
This was when PTSONE was born. Despite the young age, the PTSONE products such as devices, electronics and software are fully mature, since their development has already started in the above-mentioned individual companies. For example, the SkyRail software with the associated electronics hardwares has proven it-self in many systems since 2014.

PTSone SkyRail Matrix Dongle Clone

In German-speaking countries, the first question that many people ask is:  Here PTS stands for the English name of pneumatic tube, namely “Pneumatic Tube System”. results among other things from our claim to provide a solution for all applications.  Various products that serve different system size or customesr groups are now represented in the pneumatic tube market.
For example, if a customer has purchased a simple point-point system (two stations) and would like to expand it after some time, this is almost always associated with a complete change of electronics and control. Switching between the system types is often daunting because it is laborious and costly.


on the other hand, only offers fully scalable systems. Even if you decide on a cheap point-to-point system, you can easily switch components to it later (e.g. chip card reading, barcode scanner, other stations) without having to replace the existing devices or control. We also try to give as many devices as possible from our other market participants the opportunity to be able to participate in our flexible system and control concept. This allows mixed operation of different devices in the same system. Instead of being dependent on just one manufacturer, we now offer the option of free choice.