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Protec X300 – X400 Fire System Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

Protec X300 – X400

The VAR4, VAR12 and VAR20 area unit DSP based mostly Voice Alarm  Public Address routers, permitting routing of four, twelve or twenty audio inputs to any combination of four, twelve or twenty outputs. additionally to audio routing these units give full system management and fault news functions for ASL’s rack mount Intellevac Voice Alarm systems. This includes the observation and management of up to sixty four electronic equipment mainframes (V400 and X400) and their associated electronic equipment interface card/surveillance units.

The VAR4 router provides digital storage for two x sixty six second and a couple of x fifty second DVA messages, four audio outputs, and 4 universal mic/line inputs. every input are often used with Associate in Nursing signing multi-zone paging electro-acoustic transducer, fireplace electro-acoustic transducer, Station Announcement purpose, or different supply. Allcall or zoneable fireplace Microphones could also be connected to inputs one & a pair of. These act as allcall failsafe override microphones within the event of processor failure, pro re nata by BS5839 noble metal eight.


Fire alarm interfacing

is made in, as area unit various routing and general management inputs. A serial management port permits interfacing to advanced DVA or website management systems, and provides the router the power to be remotely monitored and organized. There area unit several different in-built functions that area unit accessible via the front panel show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display or the computer based mostly Router Configuration Tool.

The router encompasses a front panel show and management interface for commission the system, fault observation, medicine and audio observation. Access to all or any configurations settings is controlled by four digit PIN code.

The VAR12 has all functions of the VAR4, however offers twelve universal audio inputs, twelve audio outputs, and storage for four x sixty six second and four x fifty second DVA messages.

The VAR20 once more has all functions of the VAR4, however offers twenty universal audio inputs, twenty audio outputs, and storage half dozen|for six} x sixty six second and 6 x fifty second DVA messages.