ProMass for Xcalibur Sentinel HL Clone

ProMass for Xcalibur Test With Sentinel HL Clone

ProMass for Xcalibur is an automatic biomolecule deconvolution and news software system

package that’s wont to method ESI/LC/MS information or single ESI mass spectra nonheritable with the

Finnigan Xcalibur information system. ProMass uses a unique deconvolution formula called ZNova that produces artifact-free deconvoluted mass spectra.

ZNova will be wont to method information from a good type of biomolecules together

with proteins, oligonucleotides, peptides, etc. not like several different deconvolution algorithms,

ZNova will accommodate low charge state spectra and information of low signal/noise ratio.

ProMass process will be initiated through the Xcalibur Sequence Setup read, that permits the user to run a listing of samples and have

ProMass method them mechanically. ProMass reports the results mechanically in AN easy-to-use and interactive format visible

from any application program. A ProMass Browser outline page collates the results from multiple runs and displays them on one

hyperlinked page permitting you to navigate your results quickly.

Target mass options permit you to go looking for multiple target plenty from LC/MS information mechanically.

The target mass options embody results color cryptography, permitting you to quickly verify that samples need immediate attention.

Large biomolecules once ionized  by electrospray (ESI) are preponderantly multiply charged. once analyzed within the positive particle mode,

peptides or proteins are going to be protonated at multiple sites as a results of the essential amino acids and amino terminus.

AN example ESI spectrum of human STH is shown within the figure below.