PointCarre Textile Software Test with Sentinel Dongle

Textile Pattern Design

With the Pointcarré Textile Pattern Design software, you can create all kinds of textile designs in line with your purpose,

You can quickly reduce color and report your designs.
For high quality and reliable printing

variant program

Create colors from a picture up to 255 colors

Automatic color separation

Pointcarre fast color separation module has many functional features, automatic spot color separation tools, CMYK color separation printing support, perfect results with ICC profile sections and control of production information in color separation.
Digital and Conventional

If you are using Pointcarre while creating your design, you can adjust the color settings to use the correct ICC profiles to print proofs on your calibrated printer or digital proof on your monitor. From now on, it shouldn’t be a bad surprise when you get the final prints, because at the beginning of the process you check whether the colors are as they should be, using a digital or printed proof.

PointCarre Jacquard Weaving Software

Jacquard weaving software offers a very flexible use to create and modify your jacquard fabric.

It allows change or correction at every stage from the pattern to the production on the loom.

  • Colors and variants
  • Swimming control
  • Extra warp and weft
  • Fabric price calculation

Fabric update

The braided image of the pattern and the image as a pattern can be stored and displayed in a package.

This package ensures that the knitted image of the pattern is automatically updated when changes are made to the pattern. This structure provides significant time savings.

PointCarre Textile Software Dobby Weaving Software

Dobby Weaving software, creation of all kinds of dobby fabric and

It is a software that allows you to make changes at any time, from design to production on the counter.

  • 4000 texture
  • Color path variants
  • Automatic mesh analysis
  • Color and thread libraries
  • Fabric section view

Knitting software

With the Pointcarré Knitting software, you can make quick designs according to the loop and make changes on the pattern.

Working with reports

Possibility to work the pattern directly in repeat mode. All types of reporting: flat, half, mirror, with or without overlap, optional

Knitted pattern on checkered paper

Pointcarré allows you to adjust the proportions of the squared paper on grid paper, allowing you to draw directly on the screen.

Ensures that your knitting pattern is designed in the right proportions and report.

Use of filters

You can clean or retouch your photos using filters

PointCarre Textile Software Libraries

Pointcarré Knitting software includes a special weave library.

You can make a realistic simulation of your knitted fabric by choosing the weaves you want from this library, where you can add knitting yourself.