Pointcarre 3.0.67 Test witj Sentinel Dongle, Emulator / Clone / Crack

Pointcarre Pro Design
Designers work within a single application to design prints,

create Knit and and kind of checks and stripes easily.
Print module gives you the ability to scan artwork, fabrics and materials,

and photographs and quickly work in flat color and in repeat is the highlight

of our software for most of our clients. In addition the designer can draw directly in repeat, in layers with color separations making a world of difference in your work flow and the creative output of your designs.
Knit module allows any designers to draw on screen, on virtual graph paper, with square or rectangular grid at the right scale and in repeat in gauge. Then simulate your entire knit : a jacquard and structured stitches library comes with the software. Use them to simulate your knitted fabrics in a realistic way.
Weave Design
LOGO WEAVE DESIGN Weave module, takes the technical components of weaving and allows the designer to use them stylistically in a manner that is fun and easy to use and master. The 4000 + weave library that it comes with, makes visualizing a product with various constructions by dragging and dropping weaves from our library a truly magical experience! Our simulation feature allows clients to a real time view of the final product before it has even been woven.

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