PlayBox Airbox Neo Titlebox Neo Capturebox Neo Wibu Dongle

PlayBox Airbox Neo Titlebox Neo Capturebox Neo Test With Wibu Dongle Clone

AirBox modern provides automatic content playout for satellite channels, cable head-ends, over-the-air broadcasters and company TV users.

it’s designed to be very sturdy, so as to satisfy the very best responsibleness demands of on-air playout.

because of its distinctive standard design it’s additionally appropriate for webcasters,

building Pay TV channels, company shows, video wall sourcing and different program distribution systems.

AirBox modern – Multi Parallel Output permits the running of 2 or a lot of SDI or scientific discipline streaming

SD/HD outputs at the same time, so broadcasters will simply offer parallel outputs in any combination required to deliver the content.

AirBox modern supports immense sort of video/audio formats from nearly each better-known production platform.

Files from third-party video servers admire Leitch, Seachange, etc. square measure natively supported.

Any changes to the listing throughout on-air session square measure possible!

There aren’t any secured clips within the listing, except the one that is presently taking part in. they’ll be cut, altered or repositioned.

Playback order is modified on-the-fly with commands like skip to next or jump. Such order changes square measure

performed seamlessly no end the present playout session. Live productions square measure expedited by the powerful

Live Show writing board that permits insertion and/or execution of assorted events or live streams.

For automatic playout AirBox modern permits listing planning for weeks ahead. ensuing gaps or time overlaps square measure mechanically resolved so as to make sure continuous operation even once conflicting regular events square measure gift. Special facilities guarantee uninterrupted operation if content files or perhaps entire schedules square measure missing or misplaced.

TitleBox modern is AN interactive graphics manager that creates, displays and controls fascinating multi-zone screens with rolls, crawls, animations, clocks, station logos, 3D objects and a lot of. it’s appropriate for broadcast and cable TV channels, digital accumulation applications and cordial reception channels of hotels, schools, firms, retail businesses, searching malls, churches, airports, vacation resorts, theme parks, etc.

TitleBox modern will output to:

– SD/HD SDI internal keying or fill and key output over BlackMagic
– NewTek TriCaster™ over scientific discipline
– NewTek NDI output

CaptureBox modern

A successor to existing CaptureBox, CaptureBox modern permits multiple channels of HD or SD content to be captured from HD/SD SDI digital feeds, analogue sources and MPEG transport streams. Four video sources is monitored on one screen and controlled via a brand new efficient program. Audio levels is monitored as loudness/true-peak displays and adjusted once needed.

Content eaten to CaptureBox modern is accessible for playback inside a number of seconds of capture commencing. The CaptureBox modern feature set additionally includes capture-list import from third-party traffic systems, support for CEA-608/708 closed-captioning and automatic VTR management via RS-422 withbatch-capture listing.