Pile Driving Analyzer PDA System Sentinel Hardware Key Clone

Pile Driving Analyzer PDA System Test with Sentinel Hardware Key Clone

The Pile Driving analyser (PDA) system is that the most generally utilized system for

Dynamic Load Testing and Pile Driving observation within the world.

High Strain Dynamic Load Tests, conjointly referred to as organiser tests,

assess the capability of many piles in an exceedingly single day.

Pile Driving analyser systems conjointly assess shaft integrity, driving stresses,

and hammer energy once observation installation. If you intend to use your organiser to check non-driven piles ensure to examine that application similarly.

The organiser Model 8G is that the end result of an entire design effort

that comes with the most recent technological innovations and actually embodies

Pile Dynamics’s commitment to quality. The PDA-8G appearance refined, as therefore is that the software package that powers it. Thin, lightweight and applied science, it options touchscreen gesture controls like swiping and pinch-to-zoom. The PDA-8G offers up to sixteen universal channels of information acquisition, all capable of reading information from good Sensors in ancient (cabled) or wireless mode. This practicality permits for extreme pile testing flexibility. Improved information transfer makes it easier to check hydraulic hammers with high blow rates.

PDA tests are performed throughout driving on pilot or production piles, taking advantage of the high strain impact provided by the driving hammer. Re-strike organiser tests are usually recommended; if the driving hammer is not any longer on location, a drop weight could also be accustomed impact the pile.