PerfectCut V6 Eutron Smartkey Dongle Emulator / Clone.


This application allows opening layouts given with the aid of the optimizer and editing portions role or cutting strains,

so as to optimize reusable tail dimensions.

Traditionally it’s used for the final sheet, quite often uncompleted, to add new portions and use it utterly.

It is rather easy to use and very strong. It’s viable to start a brand new venture, moving one sheet from the

mission window to the cutting design window and inserting all desired pieces separately, even in more than

one mode (unless situation remains). The venture window is used like a parking discipline the place portions

are inserted to be positioned in one other means or in a further chopping layout. One other useful device is

the indication of the size of the largest scrap areas, because it allows for to grasp prematurely whether a bit

can fit there or not. Some operations can be applied before (Rotation, Duplication, Deleting) by way of choosing

the perform after which picking out a number of portions. Portions will also be moved from one side to the opposite

or from the layout to the parking discipline, without difficulty dragging the piece to the place favored. It’s feasible to

maneuver an complete transversal before or after a further one or at the commencing/finish of a slicing design.

It is feasible to delete a number of reducing layouts or changing their multiple worth.

Via double-clicking on a reducing line it is viable to invert it (most likely it has to arrive a pre-existing reduce or the threshold).

This module is flawlessly integrated with excellent reduce.

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